“Rich had the tricky task of finding Rent to Own tenants for our house. He organized the marketing, which included signs, internet, phone calls and brochures in local businesses. Rich handled all prospective tenants professionally and showed good judgment when suggesting who we should accept. I would highly recommend Rich for his experience and knowledge with real estate investing, and for the professional way he dealt with all the people involved.”
Carol Banens, Real Estate Investor

“If you are building a real estate power team or even if you have one already, you definitely need to add Mr. Danby. He not only brings expertize and experience to the table, but is someone that has integrity/honesty. Not only does he deliver what he promises to deliver, but goes beyond what is expected. I have had him help me out with a few deals and will continue to use his expertize.  Always listen to what he has to say…  He is creative and has many money making ideas to share.”
Michael Kim, Real Estate Investor

“I’ve gotten to know Rich since he was elected to the OREIO executive board. During that time Rich has displayed nothing but the most professional attitude towards the group and the executive. Rich has also demonstrated himself to be an excellent public speaker. Rich is an honest, fun loving guy and I count him as a trusted friend.”
John Walsh, Founder & Past President, Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization

“Rich Danby is an engaging and dynamic speaker.  He connects with his audience and never fails to deliver value in every presentation. I highly recommend Rich as a keynote speaker.”
Scott Temple, Speaker Coordinator, Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization

“Rich has a positive outlook and enthusiasm that garners the support of everyone around him. Over the past couple of years I have seen him rise to leadership at the Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization, conduct excellent presentations, and venture into new real estate businesses. His forward thinking drive is truly inspiring.”
Wayne Foster, President, Foster Communications

“I met Rich at OREIO, Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization, when he became the Vice President. I have met with Rich several times since then, and I have been impressed with his RE knowledge, his personable manner, and the integrity that oozes out with everything he says. I have not yet been the victim of one of his famous (infamous?) practical jokes, but I’m looking forward to it!”
Anita Flegg, President, Flegg Investments

“Rich Danby had an excellent presentation style and really engaged the audience.  I know I speak for all DurhamREI members when I say, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.”
Quentin DSouza, Chief Education Officer, Durham Real Estate Investment Club

“I thought he was a great speaker. Most of all it was totally property management related. He owns and was able to enlighten everyone on how easy it could be for people to get into the business of owning their own properties. He made everyone feel connected with him as he went to every table and introduced himself and carried on conversation with many.”
Shirley Criger, LPMA President

I really enjoyed it.   It made me want to pull my equity from every piece of property we own to buy more!!   I think Rich had a lot of good ideas, and suggestions.
Emma Sims, LPMA Past President

“Rich was great.  He had a very informative presentation that left me wanting to know more.  He kept the audience very intrigued.”
Lisa Smith, LPMA 1st Vice President

Rich was a pleasure to listen to and his presentation was to the point and concise.  I would like to have him back again in future years!”
Sean McNally, Chair of LPMA Education Committee

“I was greatly impressed with Rich’s depth of knowledge in Real Estate Investment. His presentation at the Life Empowerment Seminar organized in our church was impactful and highly inspiring.”
Pastor Michael Oladejo (RCCG Faith Chapel, Orleans)

“Investing with Rich Ottawa Investments has been one of the best financial choices I have ever made.  My wife and I own a few investment properties in Ottawa and there is a great deal of work involved in those.  With Rich Ottawa Investments, Rich Danby is taking care of all of the work and I know I will continue to be paid back on time and that my money is safe and secure.  Rich is a man with a great deal of integrity and I trust him with his financial decisions.  I have a young family and it is imperative that we are getting great return on our dollar and that our future will be financially secure, not only for my wife and me, but also for our children.  We’ve been with Rich Ottawa Investments since its inception and we will confidently reinvest in this company into the future.”
B.J, Investor

“I’ve done several RRSP mortgages with Rich over the past few years.  Rich is trustworthy, courteous and pays attention to details.  Rich is a hard worker and consistently works hard on each deal to ensure that each goes as planned and discussed.  I look forward to continued ventures with him in the future.”
N.R, Investor